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Dive into our portfolio and discover how our animations can elevate your projects, captivate your audience and communicate with clarity.

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We couldn’t have made it so far without our wonderful customers that supported our wild ideas and take part in the creative process.


How our customers feel about working with us

The visuals effects were so astonishingly good that one of my colleagues actually doubted they were animations accordion-plus accordion-minus

When I first shopped around for animators for our product, I thought rendering.no was a scam. The visual effects were so astonishingly good that one of my colleagues actually doubted they were animations - he thought they were real life videos! However, as I started talking to them, they seemed to be for real. When I then called around to other animators to let them know I would not hire them, I showed them rendering.no's work and they all admitted they were in a class by themselves. Rendering.no's competitors could do nothing but admit they were much better. And when we worked together rendering.no did not disappoint. It was clear through their attention to detail and ability to craft lifelike models and animations why they were as good as they were. No cutting corners, pride in their work and openness to try new things seemed to be principles they live by. I would highly recommend rendering.no for similar animations as ours (industrial equipment operating in water), and think they might be able to also do work beyond the topics in their good-looking portfolio due to their willingness to learn and attention to detail.

Ulrik Holm | Senior Project Manager @ Hexicon
It’s a great pleasure to work with Rendering.no! accordion-plus accordion-minus

It’s a great pleasure to work with Rendering.no. Not only because the produced renderings are of very high quality, but also because of the professionalism, flexibility, and can-do attitude of the team. The combination of their large existing library and their willingness to focus on details is the basis for high quality renderings. Furthermore, the workflow is professionally managed via a dedicated system which allows for work together efficiently.

Johan Sol | Business development Manager @ Seatools
Brilliant visuals and great animations. Highly recommended! accordion-plus accordion-minus

Rendering.no have visualized our subsea universe in a brilliant way by large interesting posters, great rendered images and amazing animations. Overview scenes are presented in adventurous marine and subsea surroundings, while detailed technologies are presented in a clear, sharp studio environment.

Sigbjørn Daasvatn | Strategic Technology Manager Subsea Processing @ Subsea 7
Rendering.no provides a one of a kind service! accordion-plus accordion-minus

Toolserv AS was in need of a company that could make animations professionally within a short time frame. Toolserv had a very limited time to get the animations made before a convention.
We decided to give Rendering.no a trial run and soon found that Rendering.no’s strength is the professional approach of their team and the direct communication provided by their dedicated point of contact; they provided a level of service to Toolserv that is fully aligned with what we needed.

The Rendering.no team, takes a proactive approach to supporting Toolserv and provides a one of a kind service.

Rendering.no continues to develop this successful working relationship with Toolserv and has become a strategic partner within their line of work.

Christian Breven | General Manager @ Toolserv
Communication was very good and response time to questions was in minutes rather than hours or days! accordion-plus accordion-minus

The team at Rendering.no went above and beyond the normal level of customer service to give us an extremely fast turnaround on our project. Communication was very good and response time to questions was in minutes rather than hours or days.

I am highly likely to use Rendering.no again on our next projects.

Mike Williamson | Account Manager @ Toolserv
High quality service and efficient collaboation with our staff accordion-plus accordion-minus

Rendering.no has worked with our staff in an effective and positive way, creating 3d animations and 3d renderings of subsea tools and equipment we designed.

We received great quality service with every project.

Øivind Voster | General Manager @ Allinvent
Great work attitude, higly professional! accordion-plus accordion-minus

Rendering.no provided 3d renderings and 3d animation for visualizing our products on several occasions.

Their team has a great work attitude, highly professional and very good prices.

Odd Gustav Kvalvåg | General Manager @ DeepC
They delivered on time and budget. I can highly recommend Rendering.no! accordion-plus accordion-minus

I used Rendering.no to create a 3D animation for a tunnel safety innovation project.

They are very professional and the result was very good.

They delivered on time and within the agreed budget.

I highly recommend this 3d company.

Kjell Arvid Kittang | General Manager @ Tunnel Safety AS
Fantastic results in a short turn-around, without compromising the quality. Attention to detail and great service! accordion-plus accordion-minus

Neptune engaged Rendering.no with a brief to prepare various photo-realistic renders of our subsea products and services. Rendering.no provided a very comprehensive proposal and quickly understood our vision, the application of our products and services as well as the scale.

The results are amazing and we now have a portfolio of renders which really help to explain and visualize what we offer to our customers and clients. Rendering.no have an in-depth understanding of the oil, gas and renewable industry which helps them deliver fantastic results in a short turn-around, without compromising the quality, attention to detail and great service.


We’re looking forward to continuing working with Rendering.no on new developments!

Kevin May | General Manager @Neptune MS
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